The bucket trucks of the Versalift VST line are famously flexible machines, with many other manufacturers having essentially copied certain features that were introduced with this family. Those looking into an Aerial Bucket Truck Rental therefore sometimes gravitate toward these machines, even favoring them, by default, over equipment coming from other manufacturers like Elliot. While a Versalift can make a great choice for many different jobs, understanding just how its features stand out and compare to the competition can make for an even more satisfying rental experience.

For example, the VST-50-TN boom, bucket, and associated equipment are often fitted to the well-known RQ606 (Versalift VST-50-TN) chassis. This popular pairing stands out for electrical work, with a number of important features making it especially suited to such jobs. At the same time, it is often a good option for telecommunications projects, particular insofar as the relatively nimble base platform affords excellent mobility.

With a rated working height of around 55 feet, though, the VST-50-TN will not suit every telecommunications application. When more extension is required, many simply move up the VST family tree, seeking out one of the several larger booms that the manufacturer also offers. Although that is understandable, it can also make sense to look into what other companies have to offer in those categories. While familiarity with the VST family can certainly pay off when another model is picked up for the day or the week, it sometimes turns out to be not as rewarding as a boom truck that is better suited to the job on a basic level.

All the same, the VST-50-TN itself is likely to remain popular for a number of good reasons. For one, it is easy enough to handle that even drivers with little special training can be trusted with it, something that is not always true of competing models. For another thing, the total gross vehicle weight keeps the equipment under the most commonly imposed limits, making it a true “go anywhere” choice in many areas.

The VST-50-TN is also easy to operate when it comes time to stop moving. The same intuitive controls that have made the manufacturer such a common choice in many industries are present in the VST-50-TN, making it easy for technicians to transfer their skills over. Although it will not necessarily live up to the requirements of the most demanding jobs, it is easy to understand why this particular model is such a persistently popular choice among rental clients.